Another Dartmouth Pre-med Question

<p>Is there a specific major that is called "Pre-med"</p>

<p>Or is it more like you major in a science that would prepare you for medical school, and then apply (and this is referred to as a pre-med program)??</p>

<p>You can major in anything and still be pre-med. There are basically a number of science classes (around 5, I think) that you need to take before entering med school (the typical ones, Cell Bio, Orgo, stuff like that) but as long as you take those you can major in pretty much whatever you want.</p>

<p>i understand that you can major in anything and still do premed, but is it looked upon favorably for med school admission if you major in a science?</p>

<p>You should post that question in the Pre-Med and Medical School Forum.</p>

<p>You can major in anything you want. Being a science major is not an advantage and is not a guaranteed in as med schools are also looking for diversity. If you major in something you love, the better your grades will be and the better chance you will have of being admitted to the med school of your choice.</p>

<p>Link to the Nathan Smith Pre-med Society.</p>

<p>Hope this helps</p>

<p>Nathan</a> Smith Pre-medical Society</p>

<p>Colleges want to see that you've taken something that interests and challenges you. They're going to tell from your MCAT and the premed curriculum that you've taken how good you are at the science concepts that you need, and they will reteach the introductory stuff themselves because they want you to learn it their way, so if you are taking a non-science major you are not going to look prepared enough for med school or something like that.</p>

<p>thanks guys!</p>

<p>Honestly... there must be thousands of biology majors who apply to med-school every year. Eventually...I'm sure the schools question why a biology major is better than a History/Neuroscience double major.</p>