Another enineerong chance?

<p>I'd appreciate any opinions of my chances of getting into Purdue engineering with the following stats:</p>

<p>3.3 GPA UW
SAT M-680 CR-660
At the end of my junior year I have 1 AP & 3 Honors
Scheduled next year for 3 APs & 3 Honors
Top 15% of class
Moderate ECs
Great recommendations

<p>I think you will be set. Do you know your weighted gpa? I have heard they just use "core" classes to reweight your gpa for admissions. Either way, I think you are in good shape. Make sure to spend some time on your essay. Have you taken the ACT? Your SAT scores are above their IQR. However, that is for the entire school not the admissions for engineering. Good luck</p>

<p>Thanks stickyfingers! My school does not weight AP / Honors classes.</p>