Another essay length question

is 698 okay for the common app essay? if not, how much shorter?

<p>Is every single word necessary to make your point? I'll bet it isn't. I know I was really attached to my essays that exceeded the character limit of the schools I was applying to online and I was VERY hesitant to edit them down. But as soon as I edited down one of the essays, I realized how much better the final draft was. Really think about what your point(s) is/are and delete any words, phrases, sentences, or even paragraphs that don't directly contribute to what you are trying to say. I really do think that adcoms appreciate shorter essays. 200 words is enough that they'll really notice that you went over the word limit. So I say edit it down. You'll 1) make the adcoms happy that your essay isn't as long as the slew of other applicants who went over the essay word limit and 2) actually make your essays stronger.</p>

<p>i actually did cut down my essay, and i think the rest is necessary. will it be okay at say 650?</p>

<p>Necessary as in Hemingway would say that every word is necessary? I really do think that if at all possible you should cut it down to at least 550 words, a length where adcoms probably wouldn't realize it's longer than it should be. I have yet to read an essay that was over the word limit where every word was actually necessary. Will they reject you because it's 650 words? Of course not. Might you be increasing your chances of getting in if you cut it down? I certainly think so.</p>