Another Exciting Chances Thread!

<p>SAT: 620V 690M 530W (11 Essay)
SAT II: Lit, Math I II, Chem, Latin (All under 600)
ACT: (28) 25E, 29M, 28R, 30S + 27 Writing 11 Essay
Rank: 1 of 450
Rural PA
Submitted Arts Supplement</p>

<p>Attended a governor's school for computer geeks and won the programming compitition there...</p>

<p>Color Guard Rifle Captain
Odyssey of the Mind Capt (founded)
International Club Pres (founded)
National Latin Honor Society Pres (founded)
Latin Club Pres (founded)
Key Club Editor
Nanotechnology Club Treasurer (At a local college)
and many clubs...</p>

<p>I take some college classes for fun, so far I've taken five and I have a 4.0...</p>

<p>I want to be a classics major, but I have a strong interest in nanotechnology, computers and art.</p>

<p>I know my SATs are horrible, I really am a bad test taker, but I am naturally smart, I have the IQ to prove it, but unfortunately we can't submit those...</p>

<p>UPenn: Deferred
Penn State: Accepted (Going for Honors)
Princeton: </p>

<p>Any feedback would be highly appreciated...</p>

<p>The SAT scores are a bit low and may make Cornell a slight reach, but in the end you may be competitive because of your class rank and leadership. Give it a shot!</p>

<p>thanks for the encouragement!</p>