Another Freshman Courseload Thread

<p>English 117A (4)
French 3 (5)
History 6A (4)
Astronomy C10 (4)</p>

<p>for a total of 17 units. What are these classes like? I kind of wanted to do a seminar or decal, but I'm not sure if I should add something else to this schedule or not.</p>

<p>Wow, tough schedule. You shouldn't add anything else.</p>

<p>Thanks! English and French are major prereqs, I'm taking History and Astro for breadth (and I also like history)...but I don't think I'm going to add anything, French only has 18 kids so I'll get the "small class" benefit of the seminar anyway.</p>

<p>Oh definitely, I've taken French here and it's definitely as "small" as it gets.</p>

<p>The reason I say you have a tough schedule is because you'll have daily assignments, weekly quizzes, compositions, oral exams, and reading reports scattered throughout the semester for French alone. Then you add to that the weekly homework, labs, and quizzes for Astro C10 (which I have also taken, btw, it's easy grading-wise but there's more work than expected). Then throw in the massive amounts of reading for History 6A and an English upper div, and you have yourself a stress salad.</p>

<p>Anyway, good luck! :)</p>

<p>Ooh, I didn't realize the English was an upper div... would 45A, 45B, or 45C be easier? The expression "stress salad" does not sound appetizing :(</p>

<p>...and I apparently can't edit that, so excuse the doublepost.</p>

<p>Currently my thought is to replace 117A with 45C, since it's the only one that fits, and drop History 6A because all of the 45C discussions interfere with the 6A discussion. Then take a DeCal, because several of those interested me, which would leave me with</p>

<p>English 45C (4)
Astronomy C10 (4)
French 3 (5)
?DeCal? (1 or 2)</p>

<p>for 14 or 15 units.</p>

<p>I think it's a good courseload.</p>

<p>...I ended up disliking the look of only having three classes, so after I replaced 117A with 45C, I added History 5 to replace 6A. If it ends up being too much I'll just drop it the first week.</p>