Another....I GOT IN!!

<p>My application was sent from NJ on Friday October 8th, acceptance letter was dated October 29th and the envelope was postmarked November 1st. I came home from vacation November 6th and it was a good surprise to have it waiting at my house, and it must have got here less than 4 weeks after I applied. Although it isn't one of my top choices, it's good to know i'm in somewhere.</p>


<p>happy for you...

<p>Golfer87, I was wondering what your stats are? I'm interested in going to U of Michigan.</p>

<p>And congrats on getting into Michigan!</p>

<p>1500/800 IIC/800 Chem/700 Writing
Only A's and A+'s, no official rank but 3/135
AP's:Junior-Chem and Calc AB(5&5 but I don't think they even knew the scores), Senior-Calc BC, Physics B, Biology, English Lit., Spanish Lang.</p>

<p>I applied early decision to UPenn, as well to Duke, Cornell, Emory and Washington University in St. Louis</p>

<p>Congratulations Golfer. Good luck with Penn. Keep us posted.</p>