another ivy hopeful, but chance me anyway?

<p>Collegeboard delayed my entire school's AP test results for 3 weeks while they investigated cheating allegations. It was nerve racking. Anyway, they FINALLY released the scores last week, so I decided to find something else to be stressed about and start a chance thread.</p>

<p>So, if you wouldn't mind, chance me for Yale SCEA, Georgetown, Brown PLME, Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, UVA, Northwestern HPME, Wash U St. Louis, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and George Washington? Safeties aren't a huge issue because I'm guaranteed a spot at at least one UC, but if you think there are any more colleges I should be interested in, let me know!</p>

<p>White, Jewish, upper middle class female
Location: Los Angeles
College Class Year: 2015
High School: Public
Major: Political Science...or Chemistry
Legacies: 3rd generation Yalie, Stanford (for Stanford Law, not sure if it counts), Wash U St. Louis (Dental school, also not sure if it counts), and 3rd generation CSUN, haha</p>


<p>GPA - Unweighted: 3.94
GPA - Weighted: 4.71
Class Rank: #1, booyah
Class Size: 860</p>

Single Sittings: 2320 (800W, 730M, 790W), 2300 (800W, 770M, 730W)
SAT Superscore: 2360 (800W, 770M, 790W)
SAT IIs: 800 (Chem), 800 (USH), 790 (Math II. Fail)
8 APs: 5 in: (9th) Human Geography, (10th) European History, (11th) Lang/Comp, USH, Calc BC and AB subscore, Physics B, Psychology
4 in Chemistry (10th), self study.</p>

<p>Extracurriculars (they're kind of in a random order):</p>

<p>Parli and Pofo Debate (11-12), Bunch of awards, 6 hrs a week, my primary activity.
Mock Trial (11-12), witness last year, attorney this year.
Model United Nations (10-12) founder, president, assorted awards
Habitat for Humanity (11-12) Cofounder, VP, Chair of Advocacy, 100 hrs community service
Volunteer at Hospital (9-12) 400 hrs community service, helped implement stroke prevention program
Special Needs Students Program (9-12)-promote inclusion of special needs kids on campus by having lunch with them once a week; on officer board for 3 years: Disability Awareness Coordinator, edited presentation script, trained presenters, and presented disability awareness program to 10th graders, Now VP Public Relations. 200 hrs community service
Sports Medicine (10 and 12)- Tape up athletes and go to competitions.
Hebrew High (9-12)- Proficient in conversational Hebrew, did Jewish Civics Initiative trip to Washington to lobby Congress, 7 hr/wk
Trampoline Team (9-10) Competitive trampolinist, #7 in CA for Level 7 Girls 15+ and #7 in the region for the same category. Potentially the world's weirdest sport, but hey, it's in the Olympics!
700-ish total commmunity service hours.</p>

<p>Honors and Awards: At least National Merit Scholar Semi-finalist, Various Debate and Model UN awards from conferences, Published articles in local magazine for my job, Valedictorian, National AP Scholar, random scholarship for being best Hebrew High student
Summer stuff
Brown University- So You Think You Want to Be a Doctor 2008
UCLA 2009- American Politics (A) and General Chemistry 20A (B+), research internship w/plastic surgeon
2010- Girls State (AMAZING experience, I'll probably write my essay about this); Working 30 hr/wk at local magazine, paid, revamped organizational system and wrote 20+ published articles</p>

<p>Sooo yeah, that's me in a nutshell. Thanks a bunch :)</p>

<p>Everything looks good.
Focus on essays, get good recs, and you have a great shot at all schools.</p>

<p>Most likely acceptance at Wash U in St. Louis, Georgetown, Northwestern, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and George Washington</p>

<p>Awesome, thanks so much. I signed up for senior classes today, so I'm taking ap lit, ap gov/h econ, ap world, h anatomy, sports med, and photo b (2nd semester for UC reqs). It's not as rigorous as my schedule last year because I pretty much ran out of ap courses I can take at my school. Community college classes are full and are not feasible with my extra curriculars. Will my senior schedule hurt me? I can take either apes or ap art history too, but I kind of want a life this year.</p>

<p>Bump, bump, bump it up.
I just started my common app and realized the need for more safeties! If you could suggest anywhere else with a good Political Science, Chemistry, or Pre-med program that fits in with my stats, I would definitely check it out.</p>

<p>Most likely acceptance at Dartmouth, UVA, Georgetown, Wash U in St. Louis, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and George Washington.</p>

<p>University of Illinois Urbana Champaign has a remarkable Chemistry program.</p>