Another "Match Me!" but with a twist

<p>Please, I need help. It's November 25th, I'm a senior, I've only applied to three schools, and am waiting for responses on two (the third is a CC that accepts almost everyone- I'm in.) I live in Michigan, so schools here are the only ones I've tried.</p>

<p>I don't know a lot of the stats that people on here give, like class rank or W/UW GPA or anything. But here's what I do know:</p>

<p>ACT 31
Band as an EC (yes, that's it. fail.)
And here's the twist:
2.8 GPA (WTH am I going to do with that? =/ )</p>

<p>Is there ANYWHERE worth attending that will accept these stats? Out of state is fine, anything. I've been receiving help from a member on here who told me that Michigan State is definitely a reach and my counselor agrees that it's not even worth a try. The member also recommended Central Michigan, Western Michigan, and Eastern Michigan. My counselor only let me put in at Western and additionally suggested I apply to Grand Valley State University.</p>

<p>Honestly, none of these are my dream schools. Chicago or New York City would be ideal, but that would have to come after a transfer due to the low GPA. Is there anywhere that anyone could recommend to me at all? Please.</p>

<p>I'm interested in Pre-Vet (or something like Biology that could lead into vet school. And yes, I am prepared to work extremely hard! I know it's horribly difficult to get into), Nursing, Japanese/Korean (both, as a major-minor or double major), Criminal Justice (to become an FBI agent), or Photography.</p>

<p>And that's just the list for this week! Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for length! And thanks!</p>

<p>I know of a friend who wanted to do pre-vet and is attending Clemson University in South Carolina (it has a decent pre-vet program). UGA in Georgia also has a vet program. UGA is quite a bit more difficult to get into than Clemson, but I'd say you have a decent shot at Clemson.</p>

<p>To be honest I don't think a 2.8 can get you into Clemson</p>

<p>First, can your parents afford to pay for those OOS schools? Second, why not start at Western Mich and transfer if you do well?</p>

<p>I looked at Clemson...the average GPA is far higher than mine, unfortunately. It does look unlikely with a 2.8. Thanks for suggestions!</p>

<p>As for paying for it, no. In fact, my parents won't be paying for my schooling at all. My dad has another family with three other kids and my mom pretty much works minimum wage, so it's going to be all loans. My only problem with Western is that it is pretty limited on options for majors.</p>

<p>Northern Michigan maybe?</p>

<p>I had a cousin from OH go there and they loved it! Awesome school.</p>

<p>Anyways, maybe a CUNY, UI-Chicago, U Detroit Mercy (really nice school, actually. Don't let the Detroit location fool you), John Carroll, U Toledo, or Wright State in OH (full in-state tuition for NMS Commended, which you may be).</p>

<p>Trust me, you got options. I really would not listen to your counselor's pointless rants about not trying for colleges. If you want Mich. State, give it a shot.</p>

<p>It can't hurt :)</p>

<p>Theres still some schools u can look at..</p>

West Virginia University -you'll prob get into
Pace University - you'll prob get into
Ithaca College - stretch, but you have a chance</p>

<p>If your parents can't pay for much/any of your education you would probably be better off starting in a CC to get your gen eds out of the way at an affordable cost.</p>

<p>Arizona State!</p>

<p>OP might get into ASU but would have to pay $25K+ annually and they only meet 63% of need. And that doesn't count the OOS factor on how much of that would go to him (little to none).</p>

<p>Well I think you still should try applying to State. </p>

<p>Um maybe Kalamazoo College, its within the state but its a private lac so that probably wouldn't help with the price.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for all of the suggestions! I will look into all of the suggested schools. As for MSU, I might still go ahead and apply. It's a longshot, but maybe! </p>

<p>Erin's Dad- That was my initial plan, but I'm not sure about something. This is probably dumb, but no one at my school is really advising us on anything at all! So, if I do the general eds at a CC, won't I still end up going four years somewhere else for my major? So, depending on where I choose, is it still more cost-efficient?</p>

<p>Once you have your gen eds out of the way you can finish in two more years. Make sure the CCs you look at have courses that are accepted at your colleges of interest. If you stay in-state for the four year that should be easy to check.</p>

<p>Oh, that makes sense. I think I've decided that the CC definitely will be the best route to success. Thank you so much for the help!</p>

<p>I will probably end up transferring to Michigan State, which has a catalogue online to cross-reference courses so that I can check what matches up, so that more than likely won't be a problem.</p>