Another prestige thread

<p>I hear a lot in cc how we should choose colleges according to what "fits" us rather than "prestige". But I was wondering does prestige play any role in grad school admissions?</p>

<p>by grad school, do you mean PhD programs, or professional schools like business, law, etc? because my answer to you would be different.</p>

<p>Well as i haven't decided yet if I want to go to a PhD program or progessional school (although I'm leaning towards PhD programs) could you please tell me about both</p>

<p>Prestige can give you a boost in admissions, but going to a lower-tier school won't necessarily hurt you. After all, there are a lot of really brilliant people who can't afford to go anywhere but their local state schools (or that safety school that offers them a full ride). Grad schools understand that. </p>

<p>It's more important to take solid classes and do well in them, no matter where you go.</p>

<p>IMO prestige does matter. Prestigious schools are usually the ones that are harder to get into, which means the majority of the people going to these schools are smart. IMO, going to a school with a smart student body will challegen you academically. Personally, I would go to the school where I think the majority of the people are serious about their academics and career rather a school which is a party madhouse.</p>

<p>prestige does matter. go to a place with prestige and where you can have fun and do well.</p>