another question about URM status...

<p>I'm a 1/2 Puerto Rican male who is not fluent in spanish, and I've pretty much lost touch with my culture since my dad was never around me as a kid... I never learned how to speak spanish early on, and I've been playing catch up for my entire scholastic career...</p>

<p>What is Yale's position on my status? I mean hell... I'm half deep south cajun and half puerto rican... what does that make me? </p>

<p>I guess I feel like my name is Ricardo Rodriguez... but I have no idea who I really am. Does Yale know?</p>

<p>is this a joke?</p>

<p>That makes you Hispanic. Click the box.</p>

<p>what's urm stand for?</p>

<p>check puerto rican YO.</p>

<p>you are puerto rican. use what you have to your advantage. urm stands for "under-represented minority"</p>