Another RC question - What's a class with minimal writing and/or reading?

<p>Usually people ask for "easy" RC classes but half the time these classes have sooo much reading and busywork that its a pain in the ass.</p>

<p>So im wondering, whats a class that has quite little amounts of reading or writing (or both) irregardless of the "difficulty" of the class?</p>

<p>Not Scandinavian R5B. (Nor is it easy)</p>

<p>isn’t reading and writing the whole point of an RC course?</p>

<p>German R5A is a complete joke so far. My friends and I have all gotten >95% on each essay so far, and we haven’t done any reading. The essays are based on outside sources and movies rather than required texts.</p>

<p>That’s what they said about Scandin R5B.</p>

<p>At least one section of Scandinavian R5B (taking now) has a lot of work. I think the other sections aren’t as bad, but this one requires much more time than my physics or CS (almost more than those two courses combined).</p>

<p>There is a lot of reading and about 1-1.5 page response paper due 3 times a week, as well as the 3 essays and 2 revised extended essays.</p>

<p>Ah, that sounds like my class, though we have “only” a half-page response each class. On the down side, we get pop quizzes on specific knowledge (such as movies that barely make sense), and also have to lead a discussion each day (gah, trying to erase the memories).</p>

<p>which section are you in. Like who is your GSI… from what I have heard 2 of the R5A GSI’s are brutal</p>

<p>My German R5A GSI is Sakalauskaite. Again, her class is a joke.</p>

<p>Anyone here take Equal Rights (Legal Studies) for RC? How was it?</p>

<p>oooh interesting.
lemme put shoot my question on more specific terms</p>

<p>what’s a low writing/reading RC2 class??
germa r5b naturally becomes a candidate since r5a seems to be so easy? but its 8am so idk if thats worth it.

<p>any of the r5a/r5b classes are ok, IMO</p>

<p>My anthro R5B was NOT easy. You can slack off a bit, but doing research papers was a pain in the butt in the end and will make you a better reader/writer with all that assignments.</p>

<p>All R5B classes have one thing in common: you have to write 32 pages of paper (reading responses, draft paper, final research paper, etc.) by the end of the semester; no way to escape this since this is the rule of R5B.</p>

<p>my antro r5b was super not fun. i’ve heard it’s ridiculously easy over the summer though</p>