Another Retake Question (?)!!!

<p>I have taken the SAT's 3 times already, in May, June and October 2008.. (Three test dates in a row)</p>

<p>In October I got 2270 with the following breakdowns</p>

Writing- 800 (E-12)</p>

<p>I am applying to HYP, but....I am 100% URM. Should I risk taking it one more time?
(Already have 2 800's and a 760 in Subject tests; so they are done)</p>

<p>Eh, what's the point?
Your scores are good enough, unless you are absolutely certain you can get above 690 reading.</p>

nvm, just leave it as it is.
You've already taken the test 3 times and the SAT is a test of familiarity.. point..imo</p>

<p>ok, thanks!! i was thinking i could break 720, so i could have a 1500, but 4 times might be a bit too much...i just suck at reading, since its not my native language (i hate making excuses :()</p>

<p>o.o i dont know about u,but im definitely not satisfied with my 3rd try(2070), im going dec sat reasoning again. i think ur scores are great, u dont know need retake,2270+URM o.o
4th try? am i pushing it?!! that's not for me to worry,and i dont care, all i know is that i need to pwn this test.</p>

<p>You're fine. If it's a matter of personal pride, then go for it. If you're thinking it'll help you in admissions, forget it.</p>

<p>oh...alright..that kind of settles it. I'm not gonna lie, the most I think I could improve is about 30-50 points, so I'm not gonna retake</p>

<p>to ren the SAT'er, good luck man!!!</p>

<p>i took it a fourth time and got a 2270 (2120 my third time, so i really needed to take it again for HYP purposes)</p>

<p>690 CR (gr..)
800 M
780 W</p>

<p>i could break 700 on reading, but i have better things to do on a saturday like make my apps flawless.. plus, my act is a 35, so that score is higher than a 2270 anyway (2340 is 35 equiv on ACT)</p>