Another SAT essay.... ._. grade?

<p>Do people put too much trust in the guidance of experts and authorities? (prompt)</p>

<p>-> Surronding us is a abyst of people with different thoughts, perspective and interests. We all see the world differently, yet us humans are not entirely independent. We also tend to search for guidance in situations were dumbfonded in, however we don't listen to other people's advice entirely, we just use their advice as an option.
-> People are social creatures, therefore they seek people to pour their heart out. Usually when we're in distress, we seek the guidance of other answers. I, for one, am a peer counselor, so I encounter people in distress once a week. Everytime I talk to someone, I learn that we don't give the solution right away. We let the person figure it out themselves, by asking comprehensive questions. It's like teaching someone how to fish. We give them a fish for food , and their fill with satisfaction one day. We teach them how to fish, and their fill with satisfaction for a lifetime.
-> Ben from the "Bacholor" is one man who only listens to himself talk. Throughout this show, he examines a group of women and tries to search for the 'one'. Out of all the girls, Ben falls head over heels over Courtney a sly, manipulative girl. Ben has ask advice about her; Ellen (a famous host), Emily, and other girls has warn Ben not to pic Courtney. Does he listen? Instead he throws away their advice and listens to to his heart. He seeks opiions but it is his option to follow it or not.
-> Also, take me for example, whenever I seek advice I have conditions of weather to follow advice or not, I usually pour my heart out to someone just for the purpose of just talking about; not to follow advice. I also seek opinions and see what other people think. The advice they give is an option and choice I pick to follow.
-> People come to counselors or people they trust just to let their feelings out. People are just curious to see what people think, not the advices they give. We pick a choice we understand, it's hard for us to see someone else's perspective, because we don't know how they think. We are our own person and we pick what we want, not what our counselors think.</p>


<p>Two general examples and one weak specific example. Use Specific examples! Books, history events, people,etc.
Vary sentence structure. Use prepositional phrases, appositives, etc.
Enrich your vocabulary.</p>

<p>thank you:)</p>