Another Score Question

<p>In October I took both the SAT II Writing and Math IIC but on the Student Score Report I've received from College Board there is a "How did you do on each type of question?" only about Writing. </p>

<p>How can I understand who many error do I have on the Math 2?? My score is 760 and I quess I left 2 or 3 questions?</p>

<p>In writing you get subscores and a breakdown of the various things you missed. I haven't taken Math IIC but on my Spanish and US History SAT IIs, they just told me the score, not how many I missed or what type I missed. If you got a 760 on Math IIC, I would say you probably missed 8-10.</p>

<p>Yeah, I would say 8-10 wrong as well, unless you left 11 blank and made no mistakes. Or, you could have left 9 blank and gotten 2 wrong.</p>