another transfer question..

<p>I'm a college sophomore very interested in transferring to Northeastern. I know it is late, but I think that I would like to apply for the Fall of 2005. As of right now its only about a 3.1, however, i should be able to bring it up significantly this semester. My high school stats include 3.7 uw gpa, 1200 sat, class rank 10/240. I'm from a very small town in vermont, and I think that I'm just bored with my atmosphere (at a rural university down south), and I just haven't been impressed with the quality of the academics or student body here. I would really like to enroll in the College of Arts and Sciences with a major in history (possibly the 5-year masters program?) Just a few questions I have.....Is it getting too late to consider transfering?/Is it harder to transfer as a junior? What about my gpa...? How is the history department there? </p>

<p>Thank you so much, I appreciate your time.</p>

<p>its not too late to consider transferring-in fact, schools have been just starting to send out the transfer apps in the past few weeks. if you pull up that gpa to around a 3.4, you have a very good shot. Northeastern has a really great campus btw, but i dont know much about their specific programs.</p>