Another what are my chances question

<p>Hi, I was wondering with my current stats, I'm only a sophmore in high school, other then the lack of ECs what more can I do to make it better to make it into Harvard.
Yeah, i'm also asian.</p>

<p>4.00 GPA
class rank:1 of 306 (Straight A+'s in Freshmen and Sophmore)
Currently taking:
Physics I
AP Biology
AP European History
Trig, Advanced Algebra, Prob.
and Statistics, Pre Cal, English II etc.
On the state wide subject area tests, I scored a perfect 500
in Algebra 1 and Biology 1, one taken in 8th grade another in 9th.
(Haven't taken SAT's yet.)
Clubs: Unicef, Young Democrats, Junior Historical Society, and Mu Alpha Theta.</p>

<p>Will volunteer in rural areas of China this summer.</p>

<p>So the question now is, I've got 2 years left, how do I use them wisely. Thanx alot for looking.</p>

<p>Oh, yeah of the above mentioned classes are honors.</p>

<p>i can't really tell since you don't have your sat scores...</p>