Another Why NU essay

<p>Would anyone be willing to read for me?</p>

<p>i'll take a look at it. pm it to me.</p>


<p>i finished mine already, so pm it to me! i will take a look</p>

<p>pm me if you still need help</p>

<p>Thanks sadface, I sent it.</p>

<p>Also, sorry for sounding paranoid to everyone else. I mainly prefer to send my essays to members who have stuck around this forum longer rather than others who have recently joined with very little posts.</p>

<p>I can read it if you still need help. I joined the forum since late 2006 (though I didn't post a lot), but somehow I lost my username/password, so I had to get a new account. But yeah I've been sticking around for quite some time :P</p>

<p>i will if you are still willing</p>

<p>i already sent my northwestern app. you can pm me your essay</p>