Answer key for PSAT's

<p>Hi Guys.</p>

<p>I just bought the 2007 Wednesday and Sunday edition, as well as the 2008 Wednesday and Sunday edition. The bad part is, they do not come with answer keys. Does anyone have the answer keys to these psats?</p>

<p>You can e-mail the collegeboard online store to request for the answer key. Hope this helps!</p>

<p>Did you ever get the Saturday, October 18, 2008 Form S answer key? Mine has been lost.</p>

<p>This is a super old thread, I don’t think these people are active anymore…</p>

<p>I need the answer key for the SATURDAY 2008 PSAT also. Does anyone have it?</p>

<p>^If you clear your inbox I’ll send you a PM.</p>

<p>I need the answer key for the SATURDAY 2008 PSAT!!! If anyone can send this to me, I’ll be reallly thankful!!!</p>