Answer me this: How much is too much partying?

<p>My suite mates seem to party three times a week thurs-saturday, every week, every month. I wonder how much is too much, because they go to parties you have to pay for. That adds up over time. I don't party, because I think that's pretty lame now.</p>

<p>When it starts interfering with your schoolwork is when it's too much, imo. If your grades are dropping because you're not doing assignments/not studying for tests, then it's time to cut back. One goes to college to learn, not to party.</p>

<p>I agree with PRiNCESSMAHiNA. As long as you can hold yourself together (grades and other aspects of your life), it's fine to party.</p>

<p>My friends and I party Thurs-Fri-Sat pretty much every week. Occasionally we'll either add a night, or we'll only do one night in a week, but it's not a big deal either way. Really, in my experience, three nights a week is pretty normal for college kids.</p>

<p>What exactly is your concern? Are you worried about them, or are they distracting you from studying, or what?</p>

<p>Kinda worried for them. Simply because the parties get dangerous around here. When I did go out last semester, someone pulled a gun out twice. Once it was a shotgun, there was a massive fight. It got so out of hand that the fighting got dragged into the streets and the cops were in swarms. Another time, my other friends got into a fatal car accident from a drunk driver. I stopped going out because it became too dangerous, and I was spending too much.</p>

<p>It seems to me the types of parties are too extreme, not the amount of parties they attend. I think most kids can keep their grades up with Thurs- Sat partying.. But my word partys with people fighting and pulling out guns is not cool. I would tell your friends you are not comfortable with the places they go to party. And certainly would always make sure there is a designated driver in the group... that is irresponsible to drive drunk</p>

<p>When it starts interfering with your obligations.</p>

<p>also *** @ someone pulling out a shotgun at a party, where the hell do you go to school??</p>

<p>When you start getting bad grades as a result of not spending enough time on academic work, when you start running out of money, and/or when you get your stomach pumped.</p>

<p>Also, those parties sound really sketchy...</p>

<p>i partied that much freshman year. i didn't do my best academically but i didn't die or anything. but if you're worried that they'll die maybe they should go to different parties. i'm sure there are gun free parties in new amsterdam</p>

<p>When you have to ask</p>

<p>For some of the students in my building, they don't get the message until they get kicked out of school, unfortunately. </p>

<p>I agree with others that the simplest measure is when it starts to interfere with other parts of your life. I know people who go out regularly and still kick butt at school, so kudos to them. As I tell my residents, as long as everybody is safe, sticks together, and makes good choices, then things are okay.</p>