Answering UMiami Questions!

Hi CC. Kind of crazy to think that next week I will begin my final year of college at UM. With COVID, I’m sure life is crazy and chaotic for everyone, and I am bored, so I’m happy to answer questions anyone might have about UM. Admissions, academics, sports, social life, location, price… anything. It helps if you tag me in the answer so I get the notification faster. Let me know if anyone has questions!

Hi @Chris66! I’m a spring admit and am a little confused on transferring credits from a cc to Umiami. It says an option for your fall semester is to take classes at a non-degree seeking university but I’m not entirely sure what that means.

@Chris66 Are there a lot of opportunities for social life outside of parties? How large were most of your classes? How did you feel about the cognate system?

@Nemore12 Hi! I was not a transfer myself, so I am not the best person to advise you on that. However, I think what UM means is that you are an admitted student for the spring. For the fall, you can take classes at a local community college or another university without being admitted (you still have to pay obviously) but that it would help you stay on track to graduate with you class, which would be Class of 2024. I believe that is what they mean!

@virgosun Hello! The cognate system is a little tedious, and in my opinion has the right idea (make business majors take liberal arts courses and vise versa) but the actual design is poor. I think they need to make the Graduation Progress Chart a little more clear. My advisor in the Business School is excellent, but I have heard horror stories from others about the arts advisors.

Most of my intro classes were around 50-80 students, and some were as large as 120. My largest class ever at UM was Intro to Microeconomics and it was 120 kids. Obviously, not every student showed up, and the class was at 8am Tuesday/Thursday, so I was usually in class with around 40-50 other students. The good and bad about UM is that it isn’t a crazy competitive academic school. What I mean by that is don’t expect to be challenged academically the way you would at a T30 school, but it is a well respected school in general. So, you get a solid education and warm weather year round. For full tuition though, I would recommend getting a major/minor in the Business School or Medical School. Something that you can say you took classes in the Business School and/or Miller. The RSMAS is a great school as well. So, that would be a good major/minor as well.

As for the social life… UM has both the blessing and curse of being an off campus school. What I mean by that is the majority of fun and partying happens off campus. If you are a girl, you don’t need to join a sorority to party. As a guy, there is nothing to do other than hang in dorm room with friends if you don’t join a frat. Nothing wrong with that obviously, but for its reputation, it’s not as much of a party or fun school as people think.

@Chris66 Thank you so much!

@Chris66 Hey thanks so much for this! Currently I am in Love with U Miami I plan to apply early action for the class of 2026 and major in Marine Science and Biology. However because I am such in love with this college and because I am low income I am afraid I cant attend if I don’t win a full scholarship. If by any chance you know what score/Gpa/Extracurriculars you need to win these scholarships? Thank You!

@Pkelvin369 Class of 2026… yikes!!! I’m getting old!! As for your question… unfortunately there is no way to predict or hard and fast rule about scholarships or financial aid. In my experience, the FA office is pretty generous to those who need it. The main complaint I hear is about high achieving students who get little or no money in merit aid. If you are low income, and need financial assistance to attend, they would probably be helpful—certainly more so than with merit aid. I will also throw out the disclaimer that UM is a private school going through a difficult financial period right now. Who knows what this means for the future. They have a lot of rich full pay students that help fund the school. If they go online, and can’t return for spring, they are going to need a lot more full paying students. Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any more questions!

Hello @Chris66. I am an early college student so I will graduate with my AA degree. Will those credits transfer over to UM? Thanks.

@Grazy_20 Hi. Those credits should transfer over. UM is pretty generous with transfer credits. I would contact someone in admissions and ask them about specific questions if you are unsure. Best of luck!

Do you think UM has done a good job handling the Covid-19 situation? Are students taking it seriously? On a lighter note, what made you choose this school?

Hi @Chris66, I’m a junior at FIU and I’m in love with UM’s art history program. If I were to apply for Fall 2021 with 74 credits from FIU, would I have too many credits to qualify as a transfer applicant? Thanks!

Hi, @Chris66 I’m an international student and I want to transfer to UM for the Spring of 2021. I did a full year of college back in my country and I got a 3.21 GPA… (30 credits). In high school, I got a 2.72 GPA (but I don’t think they care about that score anymore since already enrolled in a full year of college). Do I have good chances of getting in? I also have good extracurriculars, a nice letter of recommendation from a teacher from high school, and a kinda impressive work experience for someone my age. My overall grade through college has been a B. What are your thoughts? Thank you so much for your help.