Anthropology--UMich, Ohio State, or Case Western???


<p>So I've been accepted to Ohio State Honors Program, and Early Action to University of Michigan and Case Western. I really want to study anthropology, but I'm very torn. I hear that UMich has the best undergrad anthropology in the nation. However, Umich offered me no scholarships, and I would have to pay out of state tuition. So basically, is it worth the money to go to Michigan for anthropology, or would any undergraduate school be suitable? My parents said they would be willing ot pay if I was absolutely sure, but of course they would prefer the cheaper option!
I want to study physical anthropology along with evolutionary studies or zoology. I want to do veterinary medicine as well for grad school, but i'm not completely sure.</p>

<p>So what do you say? Is Michigan's prestige and ranking better for future job prospects, etc?</p>

<p>Also any opinions or experiences with these programs or anthropology in general would really help!

<p>Michigan's program is indeed superb, and it would make a great choice if it were cheaper. Paying full price there or anywhere else makes little sense if you're interested in vet school and have less expensive options, however.</p>

<p>Ohio State has a very decent program with a good physical anthro track. The vet school and Columbus Zoo should provide excellent research/internship opportunities. Veterinary schools require a lot of animal handling experience (a minimum of 80 hours at OSU and as much as 500 at others like Penn), and having worked with both small and large animals looks good in admissions.</p>

<p>Assuming you're in-state for OSU, I recommend taking the honors program and cheaper price tag and counting yourself fortunate.</p>

<p>Warbelersrule has a good point about the Columbus zoo and veterinary school at OSU! Since you are not sure about what you want to do in grad school, I would go for the cheaper option. If you were sure, however, I would still say to go for the cheaper option. If you go to grad school or professional school, where you did your undergrad is not all that important. Also, if you want to go to veterinary school, an anthropology degree may not be the best option unless you want to supplement with the courses required by veterinary schools for admission as well as exams required for application to such schools. Given that, going to a more expensive school based on the degree you would get when that degree is not, by itself, going to get you where you want to go is not a good option. Finally, OSU is a good school and offers a great many options for undergrads, so I am sure you will be able to find what you want and get a great education there that will get you where you want to go.</p>