Antibiotic allergy/side effects

Family member has all over rash and extreme tiredness.

Any tips on how to overcome these side effects more quickly? Antibiotic has been stopped and drinking copious quantities of water has commenced. Various deadlines are looming with no time for feeling and looking crappy.

What antibiotic was it, how long a course did they take and has the initial problem resolved?

@JustOneDad Strep is gone. Day 8 of amoxicillin. Thanks.

Darn . . . I’m sorry. I have a kid who breaks out in hives with several antibiotics but we discovered it when he was young enough to not have deadlines. Hoping it resolves in time.

Did no one offer steroids? Such as a Medrol dose-oak? That’s what we gave my daughter when she had her worse allergic reactions such as penicillins.

Personally, I don’t handle steroids well… at all, but for some people they work wonders.

Ask the prescribing physician. S/he will either offer something or tell you time alone will help. Perhaps an OTC topical or oral antihistamine or steroid. But- could still be recuperating from the illness itself.

My H had strep once and it manifested as an all over rash. Could that be what’s going on?

I’m guiding from a distance - and mostly just serving as listening ear for frustrated venting. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your thoughts/ideas/suggestions. I have encouraged a revisit to the health center if no improvement in the AM. The timing and presentation of the rash seem to be indicative of a drug reaction but its good to keep an eye out in case it is something else.

D had an allergy to amoxycillin that would cause a rash when she was young. Thankfully she grew out of it.

Rash aside (that warrants medical advice), antibiotics do generally make you feel run down and they can wipe out some of your beneficial bacteria. Probiotics and live-culture yogurt can help.

Ugh, ugh, ugh. I recently had s reaction, for the first time, to a sulfa-based medication. High fever, rash, face bright red and swelled up like a bslloon. Took about four days before people stopped asking me if I was okay, and sbout a week until I recognized myself in the mirror. Sleeping in semi-upright position sermed to hrlp with facial swelling.

@nottelling - The rash itself is irritating between the itching, the hotness of one’s skin, etc. Having to deal with everyone’s comments is a whole other ball of wax, isn’t it? You want to wear a sign around your neck saying, “Yes, I do have a rash. No, it isn’t contagious. Yes, I am uncomfortable. Yes, I do know how horrible it makes me look”. :wink:
I hope you are back to normal now.

Hate to bring this up, but has he/she been tested for Mono? A friend’s son broke out in a rash after an antibiotic for a throat issue and it ended up being Mono. Apparently, this is a side effect of antibiotic use when the patient has the mono virus.

I tried to post a link but didn’t work. If you google it, you’ll get plenty of options.

I wanted to add that my son also had strep at the beginning of this semester. The health center told him to report back if he developed a rash (from the antibiotic) because if so, he would be tested for Mono.

I would echo @dwhite…amoxicillin can cause an all over body rash in someone who actually has mono instead of strep. The extreme fatigue plus the all over rash with amoxicillin = get the kid tested for mono!

@dwhite and @carachel2 - Thanks! I had read that online last night and suggested that as a good question to ask when revisiting the health center. I sure hope its not that!

If it’s not from the antibiotic, another thing to rule out would be scarlet fever (scarlatina), which is making a comeback.

@doschicos - hope your patient is feeling better and will keep my fingers crossed that its NOT mono! Keep us posted.

You need to return to the physician and determine whether it is an allergy rash due to medicine or a rash due to disease. Normally if it is rash due to allergies, you don’t get the tiredness.

Definitely get tested for mono but keep in mind if test comes back negative it may just mean that antibodies are not present yet. If its fatique where you are sleeping through your alarm, just cant wake up and falling asleep in class that is a good tell tale sign of mono. Also if its a real possibility cut out alcohol because you cannot drink alcohol whole having mono. This happened to my d six weeks or so as a freshman in college. Best wishes. For allergic reactions take benadryl.

To help with hives that are an allergic reaction, I know some folks swear by steroids but my I prefer antihistimines like Benedryl (or it’s generic bioequivalent) or if you are worrying about it sedating your child, maybe Zyrtec, which is supposed to be less sedating. So sorry your child is dealing with this. Might be good to get a MD note from the health center and alert the instructors about this medical issue in case incompletes may be needed if the problem doesn’t promptly resolve.