Antivirus or DeepFreeze for Windows 7 laptop?

<p>So, in preparation of entering college, I decided to buy a Windows 7 laptop. I didn't choose mac because I'm a gamer, and some games are incompatible with mac. </p>

<p>Now, I'm befuddled with choosing which antivirus that I should install after I purchased my laptop...Actually, at home, I never used antivirus at all - I partitioned my WINDOWS XP DESKTOP drives into C, D, and E, and then I locked my drive C with DeepFreeze. So...</p>

<li>Does DeepFreeze works on windows 7?</li>
<li>When coming to college, should I use antivirus or should I keep using DeepFreeze? (because, sometimes it is annoying to have to restart your computer before you can make any changes into the browser cookies, themes, settings, etc)</li>
<li>If antivirus, which one works best?</li>

<p>Thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>Some people will swear that you don't need to pay for your antivirus to get a good antivirus. I'm one of them. I've been using avast free version for about 3 years now and I have yet to receive a virus or spyware.</p>

<p>But avast is not your only option. Some people prefer AVG, so I recommend you to download one or the other and see how you like it but I'm sure they won't disappoint.</p>

<p>I agree with the Avast and AVG suggestions :)</p>

<p>DeepFreeze will only protect your operating system stuff, which is really the least of your worries against viruses... I mean, an operating system takes a few hours at most to install, but if you lose your personal data it will take much longer to get that back.</p>

<p>By the way you can just dual boot mac with windows XP or some cheap windows OS to run games.</p>

<p>I'm no expert on deepfreeze program since I just back up my computer (as any1 should do).</p>

<p>But, I think good internet practices + free antivirus will get you set. Instead of like torrenting movies and music just ask your friends for theirs. Use reliable websites. And dont download corn. =D</p>

<p>since you're at college buy an external hd ($60) so that you keep your important college stuff safe. If you get something just wipe your current hd.</p>

<p>Just posted this, but I'll retype it =]</p>

<p>The best truly are Avast! and AVG. The paid versions even moreso. Spybot Search and Destroy is probably one of the best and most efficient anti-spyware/anti-malware free programs on the interwebs.</p>

<p>Just, for the love of god, do not get Norton, Kaspersky, or McAfee.</p>

<p>Avast and AVG huh? I'll try that. What about good anti-spyware? Can antivirus and anti-spyware collide or crash each other?</p>

<p>@feuxfollets: DeepFreeze works really great on my desktop. I've yet to experience any data loss in these last 3 years, and I've never ever crashed my computer.</p>

<p>@aStyle: "And dont download corn." <<< I don't have the slightest idea of what you're talking about =D =D</p>

<p>Oh yes you do.</p>

<p>Anti-spyware...most antiviruses pick them up, and Spybot will if they don't.</p>

<p>Likewise, it's going to be really hard to find a virus/malware/spyware than AVG/Avast/Spybot wont pick up. Most...uh...reputable? corn sites will not give you them, or at least, will give you the generic ones that are easy to find.</p>

<p>And if worse comes to worse, just boot in safemood and go through regedit (if you don't know what Im talking about, google it or bring it to the schools tech help center).</p>

<p>Use linux. problem solved. get klamAV if you're paranoid.</p>

<p>for my windows os I just use microsoft security essentials. I haven't had any problems with it. it's free and isn't a system hog, which avast kind of is with its 6 or 7 processes.</p>

<p>Linux is not for some people. I run Mint, but it's not for everyone. Likewise, a lot of non-open-source software will not run on Linux(minus setting up WINE), and he's probably more comfortable in Windows.</p>

<p>MSE is also nice. Avast isn't the most efficient, but it's good and not nearly as bad as Norton/McAfee.</p>

<p>As a matter of fact, MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), Microsoft's own antivirus, works freaking amazing on Windows 7, better than avast or AVG. It uses a lot less system resources. My school installed DeepFreeze on all the desktops and its a royal pain in the behind. You don't need to pay a thing to get a good antivirus. Just know where to go and where not to go, which torrents to use and which not to use etc.</p>

<p>So, with Microsoft Security Essentials, I shouldn't install AVG or Avast anymore (afraid they will collide)? And, how do I separate "which torrents to use" from bad ones?</p>

<p>Well, the point of using Microsoft's antivirus is you don't need another one anyway. Generally, most people ONLY need one antivirus program installed on their computer. </p>

<p>As for the torrents, I would recommend just use common sense. Read the comments on the torrent and get them from safe, original sources. I like to use and Generally they're pretty safe. Granted, I don't promote pirating. ;)</p>

<p>And don't forget to back up your personal files. What you've been doing so far is pretty smart. But a tad roundabout. All you need to do is separate your programs/C drive from your data, so move all your user folders to a separate partition. Just remember to back up the separate partition regularly.</p>

<p>"All you need to do is separate your programs/C drive from your data, so move all your user folders to a separate partition" <<< so, just make it as if I'm using deepfreeze? For safety reasons, no downloaded files should be placed in C?</p>