Anxiety driven, please chance me...

<p>Grade - 12
Sex - M
State - NJ
School Type: Large, Public</p>

<p>SAT I - 2160 (640 CR/780 M/740 W) this is superscore
SAT II - Math II 770, Physics 800
AP - BC 5, Physics B 5, Spanish 3,
multivariable senior year, AP Physics C, AP Econ, AP Stat
GPA: W:3.9
Rank: School does not rank
Courses: The most rigorous classes during junior. transition from honors to ap classes</p>

-Principal Cellist for my high school orchestra/Chamber Orchestra (3 years)
-JV Swimming 2009-10 (School won Bergen County Novice Meet)
-Spanish Honor Society 2011-13
-Mu Alpha Theta 2012-13
-School Math team (4 years)
-New Jersey Regional Orchestra (3 years)
-2010 All-State Orchestra
-2011 Played with Nova Philharmonic (full orchestra) at Lincoln Center
-2012 KRB International Music Competition; played at Carnegie Hall
-2010, 2012 NYYS Chamber Orchestra; played at Symphony Space & Carnegie Hall
-Trig Star Competition 2010; 4th in NJ
-NJIT Summer Program 2011: Physics Award
-Stevens Summer Program 2012: Best Truss Structure/Design</p>

-Lifeguard/Instructor at YMCA (4 years) almost 600+ hours</p>

<p>Teacher Recs: Really
1 from Multivariable Calculus teacher
1 from my AP Physics B/C teacher
1 from my cello teacher (she went to Curtis)
1 from my work (YMCA)</p>

<p>Essays: all are personal and honest. they both show the what kind of family im from </p>

<p>Hooks? Im ORM but im first generation in family to go to college</p>

<p>Chance me for: ENGINEERING
*Carnegie Mellon (ED)
Cornell (RD)
Tufts (RD)
Lehigh (RD)
U-Mich (RD)
Boston College (RD)</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon - good match. really good chances since you're going ED</p>

<p>Cornell - a bit at the lower end of the applicant pool but still good chances</p>

<p>Lehigh - match/low reach</p>

<p>NYU - match</p>

<p>BC - match</p>

<p>I dont know much about the other schools but I would say as long as you nail the essays, your chances at all of them are pretty solid. Best of luck!</p>

<p>I think you have pretty good chances at all. Boston and NYU seem like good matches, I've heard computer science at CMU is really competitive, but I'm not sure about engineering. Not sure about the other schools. Out of curiosity, are you planning on playing cello at all in college? Even if you don't major/minor in it? I've been considering trying to play viola in some group in college even if I don't want to get a degree and music, and am curious what other people with some music background are thinking.</p>

<p>I am debating between Cornell and CMU ED. Why is it so hard to decide?
And yes, but i dont really know about first year musicians in college...
Im sure there are trios and quartets throughout any college! why viola though?</p>

<p>Do you have a preference for the weather of either area? Or the city? I know some areas appeal to me more then others. Have you looked at the courses offered? some schools offer some really cool ones. Also, do you know what type of engineering you wish to pursue? I definitely agree though, it is a hard choice.
Yeah most schools do seem to have quite a few music groups. I play viola in my school and a local youth orchestra, plus I like viola, and thank goodness it's less competitive because there are so many good musicians out there, like yourself evidently, and I haven't been playing for as long as some or practicing as much as some :)</p>

<p>I dont have a preference, just not some hilly place with farms for miles. lol
Both CMU and Cornell have good engineering programs in general. But I want to do Mechanical or Civil Engineering, which Cornell is in top 10 nationally; whereas CMU is not.
GAH. But I have alot of safeties: Umich,Uillinois,(whose civil&,mechanical are amazing), Lehigh,RPI,Rutgers?
OH i thought you wanted to start learning viola in college. that's hard!
Maybe you could make a group? I did that at my school! But definitely audition for the college orchestra cause you love the viola! That's truly the best spirit in anything!
Like Andrew Carnegie said "My heart is in the work." (theme in my essay)</p>

<p>Thanks! I will definitely keep trying to play music.
I think you have great chances at all your safeties, after all, I guess that's why they are safeties. You can try calling both schools and asking about their programs. Anyway, good luck! I'm sure you will end up at a great college.</p>