Anxious in Florida

<p>Do I have a shot at any of these schools? I am a female from Florida in the IB program at a very competitive school. The IB class will graduate 110 seniors this year. Will my class rank and grades of B's in AP English & AP US Hist and C's in AP chem in 11th grade hurt? I only took each SAT test one time. Since my math scores are so low, I plan on taking the SATII Literature test to try and get another score in the 700's.</p>

<p>Yale, Harvard, Princeton, NYU, Columbia, Barnard, Wellesley, BC, U of Fla, UM (Fla), Georgetown</p>

<p>SATI: 1500-Verbal 770, Math 730
Writing - 730
Spanish - 700
MathIC - 670
MathIIC - 620
English Lang/Comp - 5
Psychology - 4
US History - 4
World Hist- 4 (10th grade)
Spanish Lang - 3
Chemistry - 3
GPA: 3.6591
HPA: 4.3807</p>

<p>Class Rank: 43/372</p>

<p>EC: Dance Team/Officer with over 600 hours/year of involvement 10th and 11th; Teenage Republicans 11th and 12th, founding member, Vice Pres; Mu Alpha Theata 10, 11, 12-Secretary & competitor; Advanced Chorus-Officer/Choreographer 10, 11; SNHS; NHS; Key Club 9, 10, 12; Dance Teacher at local community center-12; Dance/Vocal lessons-all 4 years; hundreds of hours volunteering in the community, mostly relating to the performing arts: fundraisers, nursing homes, children's theatre.</p>

<p>Just my humble opinion about these schools:</p>

Barnard...Very Good
Wellesley...Very Good

<p>Remember that ED/EA/SCEA increases your chances. Hope this is of use to you. Have a good one.</p>

<p>BC is overrated. Might want to look at Duke or some LAC'S like Colgate, Holy Cross or Bowdoin.</p>