Any Accepted 2022 EA/ED Students?

Saw on Goucher’s Twitter on 12/15 that the first batch of acceptance letters were being sent. If you heard back or know anything, pls say so in this thread for everyone else anxiously waiting :slight_smile:

D accepted EA Fri, 12/15 via link on portal, received FA award, both merit and need based today (Mon, 12/18) in regular mail.

Yes! for my D, who applied ED, and found letter on portal on 12/15. Thrilled and send good wishes to all who are waiting.

Did your kids receive an email? Daughter’s friend has been accepted but daughter hasn’t heard anything yet.

my portal just updated to say…
My application is complete :expressionless:
Then again, they just got my scores yesterday and I emailed to check (before it had updated as sent) and I got a response that my EA notification would not be affected.
Also, I’m international, does anyone know if we would hear back later than everyone else?

I’m kind of confused though, the website says Feb 1 notification date for all…

I believe like most colleges (besides Ivy League and others) in the US, there is a set date as to when everyone should get their decision by. So some people may get their decision months in advance, while others may not until the end day. I applied in mid-October EA and still haven’t heard a thing, whereas a school where I applied EA in early November whose decisions were not going out until February sent their decision to me just last week. It’s frustrating, but an answer will come soon!

Daughter still hasn’t heard anything.

My son yes did hear back in December for the graduating class of 2022. He has not made his decision yet but it actually was his first acceptance letter that he received. He applied as a biology major. We live here in Southern California and he plans to go to school on the East Coast although the notifications for the universities here in California that he applied to do not come out until March so it’s possible if he were to be accepted into any of those he may change his mind but I highly doubt it. Right now he is very excited that Goucher College sent him an acceptance letter and he is more excited about that one than the other acceptance letters that he has received

Daughter is still waiting. We were told we’d hear by mid-January since she was applying for a fine arts scholarship. I hope that is true.

She heard tonight and is accepted. :slight_smile:

For those that have heard EA from Goucher, was it an email or on the portal? My son likes waiting for the emails, rather than check the portals constantly (Like I would do!)

DD received an email stating that her status had been updated and to check the portal.

@mom2adancer Thank you! That seems to be what usually happens, email to check portal.

Was accepted last night (didn’t see email until now) around 6 PM, with a $20k Innovator Award! Surprised I heard back before February 1st after seeing their trend over the past few years.

My daughter heard she got in last night and is very excited!

Just wondering if anyone else from Southern California has received admission letters. I thought perhaps if they had maybe someway even before our students make the final decision maybe we could all meet .

@BostonMomof3 My son got the same award for the same amount. We laughed at the name because he’s hardly an innovator!! Omg!!!

Was accepted last night with a scholarship!

@maddie313 I think they give scholarships to almost everybody. Because we didn’t even apply for any yet… He got a $20,000 one and I read on this thread that somebody else got the exact same award called an innovator award for the same amount.