Any accepted OOS get tuition waivers?

<p>Just trying to find out if anyone OOS who has been accepted knows yet if they are eligible for a tuition waiver to pay in-state tuition. According to past threads, and the UT website, it is possible, depending upon the college accepted into if you receive a merit scholarship of $1000 or more.</p>

<p>My son is still waiting to hear if he has been accepted -- he applied Nov 30 for CS.</p>

<p>The waivers are VERY limited. Two years ago, I was told that the entire engineering school had only 7 or 8 waivers total, for students of any classification. My son got into BME, a very selective department, and also received a scholarship, but he did not receive a waiver. You could call CS and see what they can tell you. Good luck!</p>