Any accepted Tisch applicants wanna share their stats?

<p>GPA, Class Rank, SAT/ACT scores, ECs, et cetera.</p>

<p>For accepted students of 2 different programs at Tisch, read Posts #132 and 125 of this thread on this forum (I think it is p.9):</p>

<p>NYU Official Class of 2015 Decisions</p>

<p>Eh, why not, I’ll post mine</p>

<p>Tisch Film Production
95 GPA
36 ACT
Unranked Class
Very Good Recommendations
Good Essays (or at least I think so; my guidance counselor seemed very impressed)
Very good extracurriculars:
Head Counselor of Video Program at a day camp
President of School Radio Station
Vice President of Jazz Band, Marching Band
Officer in Tri-M Music Honor Society
Member of Pit Orchestra
Member of National Honor Society
Independent Study in Special Effects
National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist
AP Scholar with Distinction
Portfolio Video:
[YouTube</a> - Walls](<a href=“Walls - YouTube”>Walls - YouTube)</p>

<p>Tisch Recorded Music</p>

<p>GPA: 3.5 UW, 4.2 W
SAT: 1360 composite, 2000 total
AP: Lang/Comp - 4, Music Theory (prior to taking course) - subscores 4 and 2, taking AP Lit/Comp and AP Music Theory this year
Recommendations: probably generic counselor rec, outstanding musical theatre teacher & studio guru recs
Essays: interesting but not the best Common App essay, fantastic portfolio essay
Creative sample: 5min video in portfolio containing clips of many varied performances & studio produced original material</p>

singer/dancer in Armenian festival
worked with AMA winning guitarist in studio production of original songs
choir for 3 years of hs including solos, China tour, teaching other members, coordinating
co-taught 80 kids in Belize how to read music
cast as principal role in school’s musical
lead vocalist in 3 rock bands and my hs stage band
won music theory & vocal competition
a few years of voice lessons
studied for four years in audition-only hs arts center for musical theatre
Shakespeare troupe
Receptionist work
…probably something I forgot x)</p>

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<p>ACT 32
SAT 2020
GPA 3.6ish unweighted, 4.0ish weighted
class doesn’t rank
1 AP & 2 honors classes junior year and 4 AP classes senior year</p>

<p>film supplement:
5 minute version of a 15 minute documentary i made on a horse ranch for the disabled that also aired on community television </p>

<p>i won’t go into details on extracurriculars, but i had a good balance between film/theatre, sports, and volunteering</p>

<p>i wasn’t expecting to get in, so for any people deciding whether to apply, APPLY! it can’t hurt</p>