Any advantage to a female Chem/Math applicant?

<p>Although my daughter knows that Amherst is a stretch school for virtually everyone, she is very interested in applying. She hasn’t made up her mind about her field of study in college, but it’s safe to say (for now, anyway) that it will be either Bio, Chemistry or Math.</p>

<p>I thought I had heard or read somewhere that Chemistry and Math are under-represented by females. If true, would majoring in Chem or Math give her any advantage in applying to Amherst?</p>

<p>Thanks for any and all advice or comments.</p>



<p>So, I guess I'll take that as a "no".</p>



<p>Actually, if your D has the grades, classes, and standardized test scores to match a professed interest, it would be a relative advantage, as it would differentiate her from the general pool of candidates.
A 4 on Calc AB, 600s-low 700s on SAT2s, and no listed higher math or chem classes on her transcript would not support the assertion of interest, plus point to an inability to carry out said plan, so it wouldn't help.
Anything that sets you apart can make a difference..</p>

<p>I've got to believe she's in a good spot:
SAT - 800 in math, 800 writing, 730 CR
SAT2 - 770 in Chem, 750 in math, 750 history
3.99 unweighted gpa
5's in the four APs she's taken: stats, Chem, us history, world history
Good EC's, will get good recommendations</p>

<p>But from what I've been reading, it seems like that describes MANY kids at Amherst. Ergo, I was wondering if her interest in science/math could give her a little edge.</p>

<p>I much appreciate your response in what's turning out, I guess, to be chance request.</p>


<p>She does look good- I recommend ED if she really loves Williams. Many students have similar stats, but not many girls have 2 800s.
I can rate her higher than average(average being about 19%) If she can make a compelling case for Williams in her essays-she's prolly more like 50%. Could be higher, but I don't know her ECs/Community Service/Geographic location/socioeconomic status</p>

<p>My D's top choices are Amherst and Williams. She finally decided to apply ED to Amherst. She'll get no "points" for her demos (caucasian, NY State), but her extras are:
- 4 years (and current President) of HS Community Service club, which is affiliated with a National Service Club
- 2 weeks of Habitat for Humanity camp
- National Honor Society
- Math Honor Society
- Italian Honor Society (President)
- Science Olympiad
- Orchestra/ Concert Band (clarinet)
- 4 years volleyball; 2 years softball
- earned 6 college credits at Ivy League summer program (B+ in both 3 credit courses, including Comparitive Physiology)</p>

<p>She loves Bio, Chem and Math and could major in any of them. We have our fingers crossed. We know she's got a track record that'll get her into a good school, but when I look at the Amherst ED numbers and try to estimate how many legacies, athletes, and URMs they'll admit...well, who knows. That's why I was wondering if her interest in Chem or Math could be a small advantage.</p>

<p>Thanks for any insight. Much appreciated....</p>



<p>My daughter applied ED to Amherst; I'll post the results in December as a datapoint for other students. Good luck to any others who applied ED.</p>



<p>Sadly, my daughter received a deferral in Early Decision. Disappointed, but unbowed.</p>

<p>Congratulations to all the ED acceptees and good luck to all others.</p>