Any advantage to interviewing on campus?

<p>One of S's friends will be applying to Harvard this year (SCEA) and is wondering if there would be any advantage to interviewing on campus. (He has already visited.)</p>

<p>No. There is no advantage. Although it is evaluative, the main interview will be conducted by an alum in the student's home area after the application has been submitted.</p>

<p>^^Agree. Both the schools that my D interviewed with on campus later insisted on an alumni interview -- as though the on-campus interview never happened. Since they apparently didn't count as the "real" interview, I'm not quite sure what purpose they serve. So I ended up concluding that a good on-campus interview wouldn't get you in, but a bad one could probably keep you out.</p>

<p>S is a Harvard student. He interviewed locally for Harvard, MIT and Cornell, had the same result from all three schools, but felt that two of the interviews were much better than third. I wondered if this could have been due in part to lack of experience in one interviewer and if interviewing with someone on campus might guarantee an interviewer with more experience and skill. I know of only one friend of his who interviewed on campus; he was not expected to interview a second time.</p>