any advice appreciated!

<p>African American, Female, 12th Grade</p>

<p>Just Wanna Know My Chances for:</p>

Penn State
George Washington
Johns Hopkins</p>

<p>a couple others...</p>

<p>GPA: 3.7
SAT: 1220
SAT II's: don't know yet</p>


<p>Honor Roll
Honor Roll
Most Improved Player Award
Spirit Award
Outstanding Achievement in poetry
Nominated to Be Tour Guide
National Achievement Scholarship African Americans
$12,000 Scholarship to Attend School</p>


<p>English I Honors
English II Honors
English III AP
Pre-Calculus Pre-AP
Biology Pre-AP
English IV AP </p>


<p>Orchestra-1st Clarinet
Basketball-Junior Varsity Team
Track and Field-Varsity Shotput and Discus
Technical Work on Drama/Theatre Set Design
Technical Assistant to Head Costume Designer
STAR-Took Prospective Students to Class
Media Arts Club- Member (11th Grade)
Media Arts Club- Treasurer (12th Grade)</p>


<p>International Ambassador Organization(approved by Principal, first meeting on Friday, organization helps current international students with any problems adjusting to life at my school.
Tour Guide-nominated to tour prospective students around the school
Free Private Japanese Lessons from Community Center
Tennis Workshop</p>

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk Volunteer
Native American Appreciation Day Pow-Wow
San Antonio Food Bank
Fort Ord Clean up Day </p>

San Antonio District Attorney -Organized closed cases, did filing, data entry
U.S. Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria-Assisted in hospital evaluations, did filing (also writing my essay about this experience)
Created Babysitting Service for Military Families on Base Housing </p>

<p>Columbia University Summer Programs-Global Politics
Santa Catalina Summer Program </p>

Jazz Music
Independent Film Making/Media Arts
Occasionally help out the American Ukranian Medical Project</p>

My mom is a single parent and we had to move because she is an active duty Naval Officer, and she was assigned to a new location after my sophomore year of high school. Father, don’t really know, haven’t seen or heard from since 1998. Not really complaining about that either.</p>

<p>Hey everyone, I know you're all busy and everything, but if you had any suggestions are comments I'd really appreciate it....anybody?</p>

<p>In spite of everything, what's hurting you at the top schools are your SATs and to another extent your GPA, despite the honors & APs</p>

<p>Reaches: Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern -- if you apply early to one of them, it'll increase your chances. Georgetown is EA and that would be a suggestion.</p>

<p>Matches: George Washington, Pepperdine and Penn State.</p>

<p>Other suggestions for schools for you to take a look at: Bucknell, NYU, Texas, Michigan and Wisconsin -- and for LACs, Dickinson, Oberlin, Kenyon, Connecticut College, Hamilton and Trinity.</p>

<p>I'd say that you have a better chance at JHU than Georgetown if you apply early (ED)...</p>

<p>GWU and Penn State would be a match, while Pepperdine would be slightly harder to get into.</p>

<p>Hope this helps. :)</p>

<p>thanks a lot for your help, I heard that Georgetown EA, and Regular are about the same and in some books it even says that applying EA will give you a -4% chance of getting in. I met with the Georgetown representative today and she told me that they accept about a quarter of their applicants from the EA pool which means they must have amazing applications. I know my SAT is the weak point but hopefully it will be enough....I take the II's in December. Any other advice would be really great!!!! oh yeah and bump</p>