ANY Advice for Freshmen Please

<p>If anyone has any advice regarding classes freshmen should take (or even dreaded classes), favorite professors, best study spaces, great restaurants/attractions in New Haven, traditional New England must-try dishes, cool beaches and how to get there from Yale, how to survive the cold weather, grocery/convenience stores around campus, nearby places that sell dorm stuff, nearby hotels where parents could stay, how/where to purchase cheap course books, OR ANYTHING THAT WOULD HELP MAKE THIS TRANSITION EASIER :), please post here.
Thank you! Parents and upperclassmen, your input is much appreciated.</p>

<p>Have you ever been to New Haven? The answers to some of your questions will be self-evident from spending a day in downtown New Haven. The answers to many of the rest are discussed in past threads within this very section of College Confidential.</p>

<p>If you're an international, then the International Orientation will be very useful.</p>

<p>Keep an open mind about your classes. Keep an ear to the ground and ask upperclassmen what are the "must take" professors your first semester. Obviously, you won't be able to take everything recommended but be creative and explore. You'll be at Yale, for goodness sakes!</p>

<p>I lived by this mantra for seven semesters (after being completely boring with my first semester there). I *loved *my course choices.</p>