Any advice for the AP English Lang exam?

Particularly on how to succeed in the essay portion but general advice would also suffice.

I took AP English Lang last year and got a 4.

I’ll be completely honest with you, I really didn’t study. We prepared throughout the year with practice essays and practice multiple choice, but when the test starting coming up I really didn’t do anything, nor did I stress. But I’d assume it’s different for everyone. Like the SAT, how well you do is really how much you practice overtime, and cramming doesn’t really help.

As for the essays specifically? Organization, I guess, is important. They usually ask you something like “How does [author] use literary techniques/devices/whatever to prove his point?”, right? Like I said, it was a year ago. One easy out I always find for those kinds of questions is diction. Remember to say what kind of diction, too, like “The author uses accusational diction” or something. Every author employs diction, otherwise there would be no words on the paper. You need to specify.

I don’t know dude, brush up on your rhetorical devices and maybe do some practice? It’s in week 2 of the AP exams right? For multiple choice it really is just practice, there’s no formula or “right way” to do it, you just need to be good at test taking.

Good luck, sorry for the terribly organized advice, lol.