Any advice or information on Harvard interviews - On Campus or Alumni

<p>Does anyone have information on interviews at Harvard, typical questions, does it help, what % of students go to Harvard to have an on campus interview. Any info on the interview process would be great!</p>

<p>If you can interview on campus, that's probably ideal. That can show that you care even more...but interest matters much less at Harvard than it would at say, Emory, where interest is everything. Most people who get to interview will interview with an alumn.</p>

<p>Any information on typical interview questions?</p>

<p>bump bump bump :)</p>

<p>By the end, D had three interviews. Her first, which I think helped her greatly, was an alumni interview. At the end, the interviewer stated she was going to advocate on behalf of my daughter.</p>

<p>Then during Feb break, D got a call from Harvard admissions asking her to come in for a second interview now with an AC. During that interview, the AC wanted my daughter to then have a third interview with a senior AC, which she did.</p>

<p>As for questions, you never know. Do your research, be prepared, and be yourself. That should cover it.</p>