any advice?

<p>Hi guys, any advice you have for me would be welcome. I am way behind in the game and I am overwhelmed by the prospect of the college search/application process. It is already late september, I'm a senior, and I have yet to REALLY get into this whole college thing. So, what I want to know is, how in the world do i start to narrow down my search? The only places I know I want to apply are UCDavis, UCSD, UCSB. People have been suggesting schools like Oberlin, Carnegie Mellon, Miami University (in Ohio, lol i still think thats funny), and I did some research on them, but I still dont know what my chances are. Here is some information about me if it helps you in helping me at all. :)
-white girl from upper middle class family in southern california
-weighted, cumulative: 4.03
-unweighted, cumulative:3.7
-700 writing
-700 verbal
-690 math
-Literature: 690
-US History: 690
-Math Level II: 680
ACT: not yet taken</p>

US: 4
Calc AB: 5
Chem 2: 2 (pitiful, i know)</p>

<p>ECs: 100 community service hours, member of PTSA, National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, Collegiate Scholar Program, SMAD (students making a difference), VP of student leadership club, Commissioner of Recognition (ASB appointed position), president of Dance Company, part time job</p>

<p>I dont know what other information would be helpful, but if you are willing to give me some advice and want to know some other stuff about me, just ask. I need help in a huge way!! Thank you!</p>

<p>might as well throw in berkeley, la and san diego since its only a check mark away. i'm pretty sure your in at @ everywhere else.</p>

<p>Aim higher. Also, IMO Miami (Ohio) is the worst school in the country. Most students there are ridiculously limited in their thinking.</p>

<p>^^^ As in narrowed minded rich kids?</p>

<p>any suggestions for possible reach schools for me??</p>

<p>berkeley ? UCLA?</p>