Any advice?

<p>Could anyone give me some advice about the SAT Subject Tests, specifically Writing, Math Level 1, and Literature? I will be taking them in December, and want to start extensive prepation now. Also, if I am taking the SAT Reasoning Test one last time in January, is this too late for a lot of colleges? I have only taken the SATIs 2 other times, and want to take them one last time; however, I must take the subject tests in December, so that leaves January as the last chance to do so.</p>


<p>If you read around, you'll find recommendations for books for those subject tests.
My personal recommendations: PR for Math and Kaplan for Writing.</p>

<p>First, I'd advise u to take Math IIC. Better curve and i personally think that the plane geometry problems on the IC are a pain. A nice curve will help. In terms of books get PR for Math. I used it for like 2 days before the test and I felt pretty confident going in. For Writing Kaplan is the way to go, but start right now. I'm not sure about literature. I know that Harvard accepts SATs in January, i dun know about any other schools. Any ways- best of luck!</p>