ANY Advice?

<p>so i want to get into Hope , but I know my chances are slim
i Have a Gpa of 1.7, my sat weren't that high (1220) and im from Honduras my toe
i sent my sats , my transcripts and my recomendation letters , but i havent sent my application because i dont have the 35$ yet, </p>

<p>I also applied to calvin college, which i know is similiar to hope but was rejected
i dont know why I even bothered to apply, i guess i thought they might disregard my grades and see something else, but yeah i guess all they see is a a GPA and a test score</p>

<p>if i dont get accepted to Hope , i have been thinking of taking a month or maybe a year off
before i continue my search for a college degree in psychology maybe do volunteer work, missions or something like that. </p>

<p>I am aware that my circumstances concerning my grades,at my point, me being a senior and all cant be fixed, and i dont really have the money or the time to retake my sats , until this sumer so i guess i better suck it up.</p>