Any Advice?

<p>After consulting with a my family and friends, I would also like the opinion of you guys on CC.</p>

<p>Here's the situation:</p>

<p>If you saw my post on the random thread, you'll know that I lost my iPod Touch at the gym yesterday. To my luck, I have found a craigslist posting 2 hours after the incident in the same area of the gym. The description of the ipod matches mine EXACTLY. Mint condition with the same case included with a screen protector, which was also on mine. Now I don't know if I should go to police or what not, because I unfortunately have no convicting evidence. The computer which the iPod was synced was restored, and the receipt was thrown away. </p>

<p>Any advice/comments/suggestions?</p>

<p>There will obviously be some indication on the iPod that it is yours. Contact the poster, say you want to buy it, but wish to examine it first. When you examine it, check if it is yours. If it is, inform the person of the situation, and be prepared to prove your claim. If they refuse to give it to you, then threaten to involve the police. If it's 100% yours, they know they just found it, and will likely not want to get the police involved. You, however, should get the police involved, unless it is given back. And here's for hoping they didn't wipe it of all content.</p>

<p>Are you going to meet up with the seller? If I were you, I'd just go meet up with him. Snatch the ipod and run. Not sure how practical that would be though.</p>

<p>Buy it back from them, they may need the money. Tell them you can't afford to take your iPod to the gym anymore lol.</p>

<p>Just curious, what did your family and friends suggest?</p>

Buy it back from them, they may need the money. Tell them you can't afford to take your iPod to the gym anymore lol.


This may be the best solution, actually. Especially if you can't prove that the iPod is yours.</p>

<p>Just ask to examine it in person and then run. They sure as hell can't prove that they own it.</p>

<p>Bring a lot of your friends and a large car. Tell the seller you wish to examine the ipod. If it turns out to be yours, offer them a small monetary reward and jump in your car and drive away. Also have one of your friends have a cell phone close by...</p>

<p>If you have some way that you can prove that it's your's, do that and ask them for it back. Don't bother trying to mislead them by asking to "examine" it, they'll simply not trust you when you say it's yours. Tell them you lost your iPod at that gym, and that you'd like to see it to see if it could be yours. If it is, ask for it back. If they won't give it to you, you can try calling the police, but I don't know that there will actually be anything that can be done.</p>

<p>Just tell them that you lost your iPod at that gym. An easy way to [sort of] prove it's yours is to name several uncommon artists or all the songs in a given playlist. Describe exactly where you left it. If you named it something odd [mine's "the ipodinator"], that helps too. Offer a reward. If they're at all reasonable they'll give it back. Honesty is always the best policy.</p>