Any Amherst Parents willing to talk?

My daughter is down to Amherst and one other school. Are there any parents of current or recent grads that are willing to PM me?

This year has been hard not being able to visit campus so any first hand expereinces good or bad welcome. My daughter is more concerned about the school being the right fit socially. She does not know where she would fit in being from a rural area, and is a non drinker/non party person. She is a serious student and but has a fun side but it is not drinking.

She is interested in being a sceince major and the program all seem very rigid and structured. The language classes seem very structured as well? Is this correct. My daughter likes structure and was wondering how much personal interest can be added to research or upper level class exploration. She feels she will get a great education at Amherst but wonders if it will be a kind of set track withour much personalization and she fears she will be lonely there. After watching countless videos there seems to be groups and she just does not see her group? (but I hate to have her pick a college over some videos).

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Hi, I have a son who is a graduating senior and a daughter who will be starting at Amherst this August.
First, lots of students don’t drink at Amherst. This will most likely be the case with my daughter. Students can choose to live in substance free housing if they want. But there are plenty of students who don’t drink who don’t choose this option. It’s just not a big deal in terms of socializing.
Second, the students are a very diverse group. Most everyone shows up not knowing anyone and quickly makes friends. Orientation provides lots of opportunities to mix and make connections with the other first years. Your daughter will not the be the only one from a rural area. And she will find that she is surrounded by many other serious students.
Finally, my son hasn’t take sciences or languages but overall the curriculum is quite flexible. In many of his courses, both lower and higher level, he has been able to choose what he wants to research for his papers. Maybe someone else can speak to sciences and languages, but overall Amherst is well known for its flexible curriculum.
Good luck with the decision!

I’m a bit late seeing the tag from fellow Amherst parent @CottonTales ! I commented on your other post. If your kid chose Amherst, please reach out :purple_heart: