Any applicants friends with a professor?

<p>Yes, yes, let your screams out now, but I am gonna try and use nepotism to get me into Brown.
Don't worry, I have the grades, characteristics, and other factors that make me a desirable candidate (according to my guidance counsler)..but I have a few rough spots such as my test scores (1300 SATs and even worse SATIIs) I'm tryin to use my connections as best as possible</p>

<p>A good friend of my brother is an assistant professor and big researcher over at Brown (pathology and biochemisty). I've communicated with him a number of times over the subject of shedding his influence in the admission office, but the most he's ever told me is that he will "see what his options are." I don't wanna push him, so I hate to ask for more info on that.</p>

<p>Do Brown staffmembers have any sort of influence over the the admissions process? Has anyone ever used their connections to their advantage? Help me out cause I'm really breakin a sweat over here.</p>

<p>Not to burst your bubble, but his influence will most likely be minimal--certainly not something to be relied upon or to be specifically disappointed with if it does not work out. In the rare case where a connection with a professor might help is if you either had more than a personal connection (i.e., have done some research with them and they can advocate about specific academic qualities/experiences you have), or if they are particularly important professors AND argue strongly (nobel laureates, etc.).</p>