any Canadian acceptances??

<p>has anyone in Canada received an acceptance letter yet?</p>

<p>David Rune will, but he hasn't received it yet. :) haha</p>

<p>i haven't heard anything yet.</p>

<p>I GOT IN!! JUST GOT THE PACKAGE... IT"S DHL.. an engraving of a hall in the pamphlet</p>

<p>was it fed-exed?</p>

<p>congrats david rune!</p>

<p>DHL... The visitaiton is from the 14 - 16. </p>

<p>But only for RD kids.... sorry EDers</p>

<p>vivaldi, thanks for the heads up... lol.</p>

<p>haha, yes, that was a good call. :)</p>

<p>See, it only took 8 minutes once I cast my prediction.</p>

<p>Now if it would just work for me....:rolleyes:</p>

<p>8 min... wow. nice. so, if i give you about 18 hours till tomorrow when my mail comes... you can predict my decision?</p>

<p>Hey - I'm trying to work on MINE.</p>

<p>(You'll get in. :)) I make no guarantees, however...</p>

<p>aaaaahhh, 18 hours to go.....</p>

<p>Hello everyone and congrats to davidrune,</p>

<p>1) Was the package sent to your home or to your school because many internationals, I for one, have been receiving letters from Princeton through our schools.</p>

<p>2) What does:''DHL... The visitaiton is from the 14 - 16.'' mean?</p>

<p>3) davidrune, did you get contacted by the finaid office in the last two weeks?</p>

<p>4) Does DHL deliver packages on weekends in Canada? </p>

<p>5) Did anyone from Montreal or the East coast get something.</p>

<p>6) Will I get in? LOL</p>

<p>Thanks for your time and best of luck to everyone. Remember, those who aren't as successful as davidrune, there are many fine universities in Canada.</p>


<p>Jean Leloup</p>

<p>I would also like to know the answer to some of those questions.</p>

<li> It was sent to my mailing address.</li>
<li> DHL is the company that delivered the package. It's a company like Purolator, Fedex etc. 14-16 of April is the date of the official visitation. It's like Yale's Bulldog Days.</li>
<li> I got an email because I hadn't filled out my PFAA. I ended up filling it out on the 29th of March, but that was probably too late because my financial aid letter said that my PFAA form was missing. </li>
<li> I do not know.</li>
<li> How am i supposed to know that?? lol.</li>
<li> Without a doubt.</li>

yay for Canadians..and people living in Canada!(<----me :))
and everyone else too.</p>


<p>this waiting is killing me...</p>

<p>I called DHL yesterday night and unfortunately, the lady said nothing can be found coming to my house, to my school or even, as I understood, the Montreal area(last one very hard to believe). As for the MIT round, this most definately means that I am rejected from Princeton. As for some other people on this board, I received an automated e-mail about the online Finaid form about 2 weeks ago. And when I replied to it saying that I had decided to send my FA application by regular mail, they answered that at this point, my financial aid application was complete and that due April 15th was my parents' tax returns and bank statements. This led me to believe that the fact that they needed these documents after decisions was to confirm that the aid package that I was to receive was in accordance with my true financial situation. Well, as it looks now, putting my hopes up about the fact that Princeton wanted or ''needed'', as I thought, more FA information just two weeks before decisions would be made(when probably all decisions had been made), was a STUPID thing to do. I must say I am surprised at this outcome and I don't much look forward to writing a Princeton allumnus who wrote me a reference about how I will make a great physicist to tell him that his efforts were in vein.</p>

<p>Best wishes to all of you waiting.</p>


<p>Jean Leloup</p>

<p>Jean Leloup - I wouldn't trust the supposed absence of a package to mean you were rejected. It's a leaky method. Hang in there!</p>

<p>i agree with astrix...i think there is still hope. its not over yet.</p>