any candians for princeton ed?

<p>anyone? or am i the only one on this board?</p>

<p>canadian ED here!</p>

<p>Any info for Canadians??</p>

<p>where do you live aqaqaq?</p>

<p>toronto, u PW?</p>

<p>vancouver.. :)</p>

<p>I love Vancouver...</p>

So what do they say about the Canadians' application process?
Did you get ur interview yet?</p>

<p>u noe it's actually our luck that there are so few Canadians here......haha, better chances for us......</p>

<p>nope.. thats not true... in my region... 5 ppl are going for pton from Saint georges, arguably the best boys private school in canada.. they send ppl to princeton every year.. and they only take like 4 - 5 early... my region is too competitive this year.. now i guess ill have to abandon my hopes.. :(</p>

<p>is it really a regional thing, with quotas? Even if there happens to be really outstanding people?? That's just DEEEpressing, cuz i haven't heard of anybody get into Pton in our region of Toronto....</p>

<p>They say admission isn't regionally-based. I know they didn't accept anyone from Kentucky a few years ago, which would sort of negate the region-quota idea. They may do that somewhat, but I don't think they would actually have numbers to go by.</p>