Any chance at a waiver?

I’m applying to West Point, USNA, and USAFA next year. I recently discovered an allergy I have to red ants (stinging insect) which is a DQ. I’ve recently started allergy immunotherapy, and will be able to take multiple red ant stings without a reaction in a few months. However, even after I reach this level, I will need to stay on the immunotherapy for another 3 years or so. Immunotherapy within the past year is also a DQ. I’m wondering, since if I get into either SA I’ll still have to be on the immunotherapy while I’m there up until my sophomore year, is it going to be hard to get a waiver? Or do you think I have a chance since by the time I would graduate and commission I will be completely done and won’t have the allergy? Anyone have a similar situation to this?

^to add on to the above, I am from Florida where these ants are more common than more northern areas

@Person19: All health-related questions should be sent to Larry Mullen, Deputy Chief/DoDMERB, who quickly answers all medical inquiries for the service academies on this thread:“fast”-success-in-getting-applicant-inquires-answered-expeditiously.72637/

ETA: Note that medical waivers are initiated by the academies based on what each deems service-limiting (different for each branch). They are out of your control, so contact Mr. Mullen and focus on other parts of your app.

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