Any chance at AEM ED??

<p>i know its definately a longshot but i gave it a shot:</p>

<p>White italian from brooklyn, high middle class</p>

<p>SAT: 630 CR,700math, 660 W(9 essay)
ACT: 30 comp, 33 eng, 29 math sci reading(waiting for better results coming in november 8th)
Sat2s; 630 math 1 & physics</p>

<p>APs: 5 calc AB, 4 physics b, 4 world history;taking statistics,micro/macro, literature and composition, and calc BC independent study this year</p>

<p>GPA:94 weighted(98.5 junior year with calc and physics but i was a lazy kid freshmen and sophmore so my gpa is deflated)
Rank: 30/265, again my junior rank was top 10</p>

<p>I would say strong extracurriculars, not any student government kind of stuff but a lot of community work around sports ,ex. refereeing for multiple sports, also played soccer for school team as well as club teams in 3 sports</p>

<p>Supplement and common app essays were good, didn't try to feed any bull just gave honest essays about family culture and about my passion for statistics and econ. Looking to go into finance especially accounting, actuarial, or maybe investment banking

<p>Honestly I think it is somewhat of a long shot like you said. Your SAT I and SAT Subject Tests weigh you down, but you never know what can happen so don't give up hope...</p>

<p>yep i know i can handle the workload of cornell but its hard for the admissions to see that from my stats so its understandable..wish i would have taken those tests more seriously lol o well its a reach either way</p>