Any chance at all getting into BU

I am an international student. My stats : SAT ( no score out yet ) hoping to hit 1300+ GPA unweighted 2.25 and weighted 2.75 ( not sure actually , schoolhas not calculated it yet but it’s not great tbh, it maybe higher though)

Sat subject tests ( pending to take exam , hopefully 90% in math level 2 , bio and chemistry out of 2400 total)

My ECAs include volunteer work with a mental health organization, Leadership in the fact that I was the team leader for a competition (MIT challenge) and I am gonna submit a recommendation letter from a team member for this to showcase leadership skills, illustrations in the form of art and comics that I hope to send as a portfolio along with music videos of playing a traditional instrument, a research paper on mental health of women in third world countries , writing competitions and teaching and an internship with a pharmaceutical company .
How are my chances looking for Bucknell if I can pay at most 15kUSD a year?

I think you’re already in. Your personal essay should blow them off and everything would be just fine