Any Chance at Merit Aid?

<p>Just curious...</p>

<p>Sat - 1380
GPA - 3.8 UW, 4.3 W</p>

<p>Decent EC's, Good Recs, Good essays.</p>

<p>May qualify for a Distinguished Scholar 1/2 tuition</p>

<p>how bout me?
i've got an idea i think is pretty nifty for the project btw.</p>

highest comp: 1490</p>

writing: 780
physics: 800
math2c: 800</p>

<p>o levels: straight As in 9 subjects
a levels: straight As predicted(by school) in 4 subjects
2 honors classes</p>

<p>great ecs: national champion at stuff
national representation at 1 sport, varisty at 2 others</p>

<p>recs: okay i suppose...</p>

<p>i like my essay but obviously i'm a pretty partial judge...</p>

<p>i know the scores seem pretty good and all, but i'm international so that's a big worry. thanks for your help:)</p>

<p>sixsixty, you stats are close to my son's. He had a 1500 SAT I, and with a great project, he recieved the Dean's Scholarship. I do not know what impact being an international student might have, however.</p>

<p>Good luck, and there is no reason that I can see for not pursuing the DHS</p>

<p>hi concerneddad is there a chance you could read through my essay? i'd really appreciate it...</p>

<p>sure, go ahead a get it to me</p>

<p>could you turn private messages on? i don't wanna post it on the forum... rather worried about it being plagiarised. thanks.</p>

<p>Ok, I think it is done sixsixty.</p>

<p>what about me i am looking to try and get the founder's scholarship, 14000 a year with 2000 for housing, but i will probably be staying off campus. i am a louisiana student just outside of new orleans, which i hope helps me get the scholarship i am 20 points under the typical winner for the scholarship my stats are:</p>

<p>sat 1330
math 740
verbal 590</p>

<p>gpa weighted 4.56
unweighted 3.82
good ecs good awards but nothing that makes me one of the kind in the country
showed interest in the school
looking to go into engineering i know i can do better in math it ****es me off i placed last year at state for mu alpha theta but can only manage a 740 hate stupid mistakes</p>

<p>may take the two math sat2s just to show i can do better well what do u think my chances are at getting the scholarship it says typical winners are 1350 so i am praying </p>

<p>for ecs
the usual stuff of leadership 1 varsity sport a bunch of academic clubs some awards from the state in mu alpha theta</p>

<p>Sorry, bod123, I am only familair with the Deans and distinguished, as we are out-of-staters</p>

<p>Bod312, I don't know the first thing about how Tulane handles local students in the admissions process. I do know that the average SAT for freshman engineering students was 1344 and that one quarter of the freshman engineering class is on DSA or DHS. I don't know how many are on Founders. I think you should apply and give your application serious effort. My son was a DSA and was selected for the honors program, yet he knows other DSA recipients who were not offered honors. That leads me to think that your high school record may very well make a difference in what you could be offered. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And, the SAT II's may help. My son took the math, english and physics.</p>

<p>Sixsixty,where are you from?I am international as well.I am already studying at Tulane.I got the DSA and I am in the honors program as well.Maybe I can help you with your application.I am from somewhere near Hong Kong.</p>

<p>i'm from singapore. my application's sent already but i wouldn't mind someone to talk about tulane with:) i can't send you a message cos yours isn't activated so just drop me one!</p>

<p>Sixsixty,which school are you from?My ex-girlfriend studies at Hua Chu.She used to study at Raffles Girls School.If you have any questions regarding Tulane,you can e-mail me.I can be reached at <a href=""></a>.I will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding Tulane.I can tell you this is a great school with great academics and social life.</p>

<p>dropped you an email!</p>