Any chance for me?

<p>Chances? </p>

<p>Grade 11
State: CT
Race: Hispanic/White
Sex: M
School Type: Very Competitive Public
SAT: 760 M/790W/660 CR <- THIS IS A BUBBLING ERROR . on the PSAT I got a 800 in reading, I'll definitely get higher when I retake it.
SAT II: Math 2 - 770, US History 720, Chem - taking in May
APs: Physics B (didn't sit), US History (5), Calc BC (May), Stat (May), Chem (May), Microeconomics (next may), english comp (next may), spanish (next may), Bio(next may)
Courses: Most Difficult Available, will have earned ~45 UConn credits by graduation.
Rank: school doesn't rank
GPA UW: School doesn't keep track, I'd guess 3.85-3.9
GPA W: 4.72 (excludes PE)</p>

-Founder and President, Amigos de La Pintada - international non-profit organization that works with libraries (in the future schools, too!) in rural Panama. It's small, but its slowly growing. Amigos de La Pintada
-Model UN
-Varsity Crew (varsity all 4 years, maybe captain next year?)
-Student Congress - head of Community Service committee; there's no president or anything
-Ski Club
-Math Team - placed 3rd in state last year, will do well this year again
-Spanish Honor Society
-Mu Alpha Theta
-Volunteer at a hospital ~4hrs/week.
-Referee youth hockey games</p>

<p>Academics are really good.</p>

<p>Are you recruitable for crew? Because that would be a huge tip for admissions.</p>

<p>Uhm. Maybe good enough...I don't know how good MITs crew team is and a lot would depend on that.</p>

<p>MIT Crew is D1.</p>

<p>Considering what I've heard from some college coaches, I'm good enough to row in college, but I probably wouldn't be recruited. Anyone else have chances?</p>