Any chance for scholarships (oos engineering)

<p>UIUC is one of my top choices but the lack of financial aid due to being out of state is really killing it for me. My EFC is very low, around 1600. </p>

<p>I been accepted into James Scholar.
My stats were 3.5uw/4.3w.
Full IB courseload. 7 APs so far. 2 more this year along with 4 IB HL exams.
SAT: 740/740/750 (2300 with Superscore..)
Decent ECC with few leadership roles and 500+ hours of SSL. </p>

<p>Any chance of significant merit scholarship money? Or should I add this school to my list of disappointments?</p>

<p>you should have heard by now if you're getting any worthwhile scholarships. if not, that's that, unfortunately.</p>

<p>I got my scholarship last Friday, not sure if they're still releasing them or not. If anything, the 3.5 GPA is what is going to prevent you from getting anything substantial.</p>

<p>Are they still sending out Engineering Scholarships?</p>

<p>The U of I site says Engineering-specific scholarship recipients will be notified in March.</p>


<p>They already have released some though, just putting that out there.</p>