Any chance for Vassar?

<p>So I made the mistake of being overconfident about what places I could get into and now after my first rejection (Carleton) I am afraid I may end up going to state school (not that that's soo bad).</p>

<p>I applied to:
U of Wisconsin Eau Claire (69% are accepted) - Accepted in December
Carleton College (32%) - Rejected Yesterday
Vassar College (30%) - Unknown
Amherst College (19%) - Unknown
Yale College (9%) - Unknown</p>

<p>I am afraid because I didn't apply anywhere a little less selective than Carleton except Eau Claire, that I am going to end up going to my safety!</p>

<p>I have a 3.95 uw, 4.1 w
For three years I went to a regular high school, for my senior year I go to an art high school in MN for writing.</p>

<p>I have a 32 ACT.</p>

<p>I have decent/poor ec's, including
- 150+ hours volunteer work
- Writing and writing awards
- Singing since 5th grade, including the Minnesota Opera camp this summer.
- Math team for two years, including scoring team
- Theatre for 9th and 12th, doesn't really count but one some awards
- A part time job which I've kept for three years</p>

<p>I know it won't be so bad going to Eau Claire. Both my parents went there, but I'm thinking about taking the semester off and applying somewhere for the spring semester if it's not too late. What do I do? I thought I had a good chance for Carleton and I didn't get in.. : (</p>

<p>Carleton is not significantly (if at all) less selective than Vassar. You are definitely in range for both colleges, and even Yale and Amherst though they are tougher, but all of those colleges are extremely selective and are reaches for nearly everyone. Your rejection from Carleton absolutely does not mean you won't get in to one of your other choices, so good luck.</p>

<p>libellusgirl: I agree with pinnipotto. In fact, I've always thought of Carelton as slightly more selective than Vassar: even though it has a higher selective rate, I belive its stats are higher, and it's higher exceptance rate a result of a more self-selecting applicant pool. Even if I'm wrong about that, they are certainly in the same range, and they're both low reaches for you, so the fact that you go rejected at one does not mean you won't get into the other: once you get into reach territory, it comes down to subjective things, and different adcoms might see or need different things.</p>

<p>OTOH, they are both low reach-ish (at best higher matches, but this year is SO competitive), so there is a chance you won't get into either of them, and of course Amherst and Yale are such reaches for everyone that who knows what will happen then. If you're really srious about the spring semester thing, you should start researching what colleges have spring semester admissions now. You could also take the whole year off and start again next yar, if you're really unhappy with the idea of going to Eau Claire.</p>

<p>Thank you both Pinnipotto and Weskid for your helpful advice. I'll just have to wait and see about the others, but I feel a little hopeful at least now.</p>