Any chance I get into Purdue's Engineering program

<p>-128 hours of community service.
-Played JV Football in sophomore year.
- Italian Club, Interact, Historical Honor Society, Science Honor society.</p>

<p>UW GPA - 3.4
W GPA - 4.6</p>

<p>All honors and AP throughout HS</p>

<p>AP Classes in Junior year: AP English Language, AP Biology, AP US History. I got a 5 in Bio.</p>

<p>AP Classes for this senior Year: AP Stats, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics B, AP Chemistry</p>

<p>I'm also in a legal magnet program</p>

<p>I got straight A's in my first report card for senior year.</p>

<p>SAT Scores: Critical Reading 650 Math 750 Writing 680</p>

<p>Without a doubt you'll get into Purdue Engineering. Your SAT scores are strong, especially your math. Your UW and W GPA's are right in the purdue engineering range. You have a few EC's which helps, and you've taken all honors/AP's which show you're a determined person. Please chance me:
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<p>Hey my SAT score is 1850 at present. I m awaiting my Nov SAT scores. But could you chance me for purdue university's engineering program with SAT score of 1850 (Math 680 Writing 600 CR 570) and an IB predicted score of 36 points with a 6 in Math HL and Physics HL each.
Chance me plzz!!</p>